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The Hamburg Car Rental Guide

is a one stop car hire specialist for Hamburg. We display the rates from most leading Hamburg car rental agencies and let you choose your car and book in real-time. Decide yourself who to book with after comparing the rates and fleet options of the local car rentals.

The Hamburg Car Rental Guide deals with all major car rental companies and negotiates with the local agencies in Hamburg to offer the best car rental rates and service for all locations in Hamburg.This way our clients know they will always receive the best rate and service for their rental car in Hamburg.

In 3 minutes you can compare our rates and book your car rental in Hamburg while you will find out that we are usually a lot less expensive then booking with the agencies direct.

The Elbe River connects Hamburg, a large port city in northern Germany, with the North Sea. This is crossed by hundreds of canals, which has broad parkland areas. Inside Alster lake is dotted with boats near its center and surrounded by cafes.

The charm of Hamburg can be narrowed down to only one calling card. Hamburg's iconic name, 'The Gateway to the World,' maybe a bold assertion, but the second-largest city and the largest port in Germany have never been timid. Throughout the Middle Ages, Hamburg was a leading light in the Hanseatic League, a center of foreign exchange, a tradition that continues today.

Hamburg is full of chic cocktail bars, all-night dance clubs and bars and pubs that both represent and describe the identity of each neighborhood. They are so popular that it is virtually impossible to come to Hamburg and not have a very good time.

Hamburg is about to blow you out of the water! This land flowing with the River Elbe and two of its tributaries, as well as numerous canals and lakes, is simply full of surprises; namely water-sourced delicacies and all manner of potato delights. If you’re coming from Southern Germany and are in dire need of a break from the heavier dishes, I have some excellent news.

Hamburg’s restaurants represent almost every nation on the planet and the waterfront is home to some of the most attractive dining options: from exclusive and upmarket to typical harbor eateries, from modern and stylish to traditional seafood restaurants, from streets lined with Portuguese family restaurants geared at tourists

Hamburg offers some special, from plain to sophisticated dishes. Each has their own personal anecdotal history. If you ask local people, though, they might share their very personal version of the recipes. Hamburg has taken advantage of previous culinary expeditions. Hamburg is home to some of the most famous and respected German celebrity chefs.

Hamburg for Beach Lovers. The sandy northern bank of the Elbe river doubles as Hamburg's city beach. Beach lovers with a little more time can drive or take a train up to the beautiful, sandy beaches of the North and Baltic Seas. Put your feet in the sand and spend your day watching the wind surfers.

When summer comes to Hamburg, the locals know better than to sit in endless traffic jams on the way to the seaside. The beautiful white sand beaches along the River Elbe are easy to reach and a perfect spot for when you want to spend the day basking in the sun. Make the most of the warmer months in this beautiful city by visiting a few of the following urban river beaches and feeling the sand under your toes while watching the world go by.

Hamburg is the best city in the world for a night out, according to a study that examines how people of their hometown feel about nightlife. Hamburg came in first overall, receiving the highest ranking for both accessibility and friendliness as well as ease of traveling.

When renting a car, you're unengaged to drive wherever you wish if you retain to the local traffic rules which might diverge that you simply are accustomed. Always keep to the utmost regulation and be a responsible driver. be careful if you wish to cross the border into another country as there may well be restrictions and/or extra fee's to be paid. If you wish to require the car on a ferry, please always discuss with the local letting agent if this can be allowed as not all letting companies allow it or extra fees may well be applicable.

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Other car rental locations in Hamburg with daily rates

  • Hamburg Airport 19 EUR
  • Hamburg Altona 35 EUR
  • Hamburg Altona Train Station 55 EUR
  • Hamburg Bergedorf 35 EUR
  • Hamburg Brauhausstrasse 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg City 35 EUR
  • Hamburg Cruise Center 55 EUR
  • Hamburg Cruise Center Altona 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Cruise Center Steinwerder 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg East Wandsbek 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Eilbeker 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Eppendorf 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg HafenCity 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Harburg 24 EUR
  • Hamburg Harburg Train Station 37 EUR
  • Hamburg Horn 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Lokstedt 56 EUR
  • Hamburg Norderstedt 55 EUR
  • Hamburg North alstertal 55 EUR
  • Hamburg Railway Station 36 EUR
  • Hamburg Reeperbahn 55 EUR
  • Hamburg Roedingsmarkt 35 EUR
  • Hamburg Rotherbaum 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg South 35 EUR
  • Hamburg Switchh 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Switchh Altona 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Switchh Harburg 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Train Station Harburg Station 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Wandsbek 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Wandsbek 24 EUR
  • Hamburg Wedel 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg West Bahrenfeld 92.21 EUR
  • Hamburg Zentrum 55 EUR
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